Alan’s Mission

Think All Graphic Designers Are The Same? Think Again!

So, you’re in need of a graphic designer to help you with your next project.

But what if you could hire the services of a graphic designer who could really help you?

Alan’s Mission – Great Products, Smarter Clients!

Alan at Butterfly World

Self-Portrait taken at Butterfly World, near St. Albans, Hertfordshire

My name is Alan Ralph. Over the years, I’ve been a software developer, graphic designer, web designer, system administrator, video editor, CD/DVD author, technical writer and print pre-press specialist. When asked for a short bio, I usually write down ‘Wearer Of Many Hats’.

During my career, I’ve had to adapt to lots of changes. New technology has drastically altered how we create products and deliver them to customers. I’ve frequently been thrown in at the deep end, so I know how frustrating it can be to get to grips with new, unfamiliar processes.

I’ve also been presented with lots of design challenges, and dealt with clients who were unsure of what they needed.

This means that I’ve become all too aware of how confusing the design and production process can be.

And this is why I decided that I don’t want to be just another graphic designer.

More Than Just A Design Process…

I want to educate you about design, so that you feel more confident about getting new products designed, produced and delivered to you customers.

Through this site, I aim to help you decipher the technical terms that you’ll come across, and know what to ask for in order to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes.

If you have any questions, at any time during the design process, I am more than happy to answer them for you.

Whether it’s about the feasibility of your project, what to do with the content you’ve currently got, or you’re just struggling for idea — no question is too trivial or too silly.

I’ve been in those same situations myself, at various points in my career, so you’ll be talking to someone who understands.

Smarter Clients Make Smarter Choices!

There is an old designer’s adage; “good, fast, or cheap — pick two”. With my help, you won’t make the mistake of trying to get your next project done fast and cheap!

(If you have made that mistake in the past, I won’t hold it against you — in fact, I might well be able to fix it for you!)