Audio Editing & Conversion

Are You An Audio Newbie? Start Here!

  • Want to make your own music, but don’t know how to get your work out to your fans?
  • Got old cassette tapes or vinyl that you want converted to CD or MP3 format?
  • Thinking of creating an audiobook?
  • Fancy putting together a music compilation to give to friends for a special event, such as a wedding?

Whatever your needs, I can help you get the results you want!

Vintage audio editing equipment.

Thankfully, my audio editing setup is a lot more high-tech than this… (Photo: Wikipedia)

A Word On Copyright & Turnaround Times

If your recordings include material that belongs to someone else, and is still in copyright, I will let you know. I can then help you get any clearance that’s required, so that you stay on the right side of the law.

Turnaround times for audio editing will depend on the length of recordings and their original quality.

Audio Mastering For Musicians

If you’re a musician, singer or band, and you’re looking to put out a single or album but are unsure how to go about it, have no fear!

I can help you with the following :

Bringing The Audio Of The Past Into The Present

If you’ve got old recordings stashed away on tape cassette, vinyl record or CD that you’d like to see the light of day again, you’re in luck!

I have a range of equipment to transfer the contents into my production system, whatever format it might be.

From there, I can clean up the recording, fix any glitches, and remove things like long pauses or mistakes in recording.

Once your recordings have been  spring-cleaned, I can deliver it to you in a variety of ways :

For physical media such as CD or DVD, I can also design artwork to print onto the disc face, for a more pleasing product.

Please contact me with your requirements, and a list of what you’ve got.

Turning Spoken Words Into Compelling Audio

If you’re looking to distribute spoken-word recordings, I can make sure that you come across loud and clear.

I can fix all manner of annoying problems, such as :

  • distortion,
  • background noise,
  • fluffed lines,
  • coughs,
  • long pauses.

Once your recordings are spring-cleaned, I’ll produce an evaluation for you to approve.

You can then take delivery of the finished product in a variety of ways :

  • on audio CD,
  • as MP3 files, or another file format,
  • or I can format your product for online sale and distribution.

You might want to consider an interactive presentation, if you have extra pictures, video or other content.

Giving The Gift Of Music

If you’re holding a special event, such as :

  • a wedding,
  • a birthday party,
  • a corporate event.

why not make it extra-special. Give your guests the gift of a commemorative music compilation.

Select the tracks that you’d like, specify what order you’d like them in, and I’ll arrange to get the music licensed for you.

I can create a beautiful CD for the music to go onto, a nice package for it to go in, and a printed card or booklet to go with it.

And if you’re videoing the occasion, I can also create a  DVD for you.