Content Presentation

Does This Describe Your Current Presentation Situation?

You’ve got information that you want to get out to people. But how to turn it into a presentation that :

  1. your audience can understand,
  2. will grab their attention?
Presentation created for Patisserie Montmartre.

Presentation created for Patisserie Montmartre.

Help Is At Hand!

Whatever you’ve currently got, and in whatever form — rest assured, you can make use of it! My speciality is the conversion and reuse of existing content.

  • Do you want your presentation to play on a DVD player?
  • Need documents converted to digital form and indexed for searching?
  • Need an interactive guide to hand out at a conference?
  • Want to put out a music promo?

Those are just a few examples of the kind of work I can do — as my portfolio will attest!

Rescuing Content From Old Media

If you have content on CDs, DVDs or even VHS videotapes that you would like to reuse, I can attempt to retrieve it for you. There will be a small charge for this service, based on the type of media and difficulty of retrieval. I suggest you let me know in advance what you’ve got, so I can work out feasibility.

If you’re lucky enough to have even older media in your possession, I can put you in touch with experts who may be able to help you.

From Raw Content To Slick Presention!

If you’re creating your own content, but are unsure how to proceed, let me help you!

  1. I have years of experience working with audio, video, documents, and graphics.
  2. I have a large array of tools at my disposal to create any content you need, or to convert your existing content to fit your needs.
  3. I can cut through the jargon for you and guide you around potential pitfalls.

I can also help you to stay on the right side of the copyright laws when you’re looking for content to add to your presentation.

Delivering The (Presentation) Goods

As well as handling the preparation of your presentation, I can also help you find the best way to deliver it to your audience.

Here are just a few examples, including some options you might not have realised are possible :

And if you want to combine several channels — to ensure you reach as much of your potential audience as possible — I can make sure that your branding and other artwork will match on each of them.

Getting It Right First Time

If your presentation is going onto physical media, I will provide an evaluation copy for you to approve. Charges may apply to cover delivery.

For websites and online distribution, I will arrange online evaluation for your before your presentation goes live.

Bulk Distribution? Not A Problem!

Should you need large-scale replication of your presentation onto physical media, I can :

  • make the necessary arrangements with duplication companies and pressing plants,
  • handle paperwork requirements,
  • ensure correct formatting for perfect results.

But Wait! There’s More!

Don’t forget that I can also help you out with artwork for your presentation, as well as packaging and printed parts to go with it.