Costs & Payment

General Pricing Rules

I will be more than happy to produce a detailed breakdown of costs in the quote that I provide to you. As a general rule, the costs will break down into the following categories:

  • Design work
  • In-house production work
  • External production work
  • Delivery and installation

Breakdown Of Costs

  • Design work should be self-explanatory — this is where I’ll be designing and preparing artwork for you. Extra costs will appear for usage rights clearance for images, audio or video in your project.
  • In-house production covers tasks that I undertake using my own equipment.
  • External production will cover tasks where I will liaise with a third party to produce the items you need. Costs will reflect the price charged by that party for their services.
  • The last category covers delivery of physical products, and installation / setup tasks. For non-physical goods (e.g. ebooks, artwork files), delivery is free of charge.

Proofing & Evaluation

Please note that the price I quote you for design work includes:

  • digital proofing (for artwork, printed products and packaging)
  • online evaluation (for websites and video content)

Extra costs will appear for any physical samples or evaluations that you may need. Costs will cover media, production and delivery.


The final price that I quote for you will include an estimate of the amount of work time required to complete the job. For external production, I will include an estimate of production time. I can give you different options if you need a faster turnaround on your project.

Production Costs

For any external production, I’ll charge you only at the production cost price. I will endeavour to get you the best price possible based on your requirements and how soon you need the final product delivered.


For delivery of physical products, I’ll add costs on confirmation of delivery date and location.


All quotes and invoices will include UK Value Added Tax (VAT), currently 20% at the time of writing.


My preferred payment method is via direct bank transfer. For international customers I can also take payment via PayPal. Payment instructions will appear on final invoice.

I expect payment for work within 14 days of invoicing. If you can arrange earlier payment, though, I’d appreciate it!