Design Emergency Room

Got A Serious Design Problem? Rush It To The Emergency Room!

Pressing this button won't help you out of your emergency. But contacting me might...

Pressing this button won’t help you out of your emergency. But contacting me might… (photo: Jim Linwood)

  • Lost artwork files?
  • Website broken?
  • Let down by another designer?

Whatever the emergency, give me a call, and I’ll try and fix it for you!

But First, The Boring Legal Stuff

'Crime Scene - Do Not Cross'

(photo: Wikipedia)

I reserve the right to refuse to help, or stop any ongoing help, if :

  • I suspect that the artwork, website, or other content you’ve brought to the Emergency Room doesn’t belong to you,
  • I suspect that the reproduction of the above material is for malicious or criminal intent,
  • you’re unable to explain the situation to my satisfaction.

Just to be clear — the Emergency Room is for genuine emergencies only.

If I come across any requests to reproduce material :

  • to infringe someone else’s copyright and pass off their work as your own,
  • for phishing attacks or identity theft,

I will have no hesitation in reporting you to the relevant law enforcement agencies and to the copyright owners.

Raising The (Graphic) Dead

If you’ve had logos or other graphics designed in the past, but have lost the original artwork, help is at hand!

In the Emergency Room, I can attempt to recreate the graphics from :

  • website images,
  • images embedded in documents (e.g. Word),
  • scanning a printed item, such as a compliment slip.

The better the quality of what you’ve currently got, the better the chance I’ll be able to give you a high-quality result!

Website Intensive Care

Emergency Department

(Photo: Leon Brocard)

If you have a website that is sluggish or unresponsive, a trip to the Emergency Room might be in order!

If you’re still able to access your website, then I can assist you in gathering information to determine what is slowing it down. There are many things that could be responsible :

  • spammers trying to flood your site with bogus comments,
  • attempted denial-of-service (DoS) attacks,
  • someone  linking to specific content on your site,
  • a legitimate service, such as a search engine, visiting your site too often.

I can then attempt to fix the problem, by :

  • improving your site’s security,
  • putting in specific measures to minimise the chances of the problem reoccurring.

If you’re unable to access your site’s administrative functions, then you might be the victim of a hacking attack. I’ll work with your hosting provider to try and get your site restored to a working state. I’ll then put in measures to strengthen your site’s security.

If you can’t log into your web hosting, and can’t contact your provider, then it’s time for more drastic action. I’ll attempt to collect up as much of your site’s content as possible (subject to legal stipulations above). This may involve extra web design work to recreate all the original functionality. I’ll then make arrangements with you to transfer the site to new hosting. If you’re unable to get your existing domain name transferred as well, I’ll help get a new domain name registered.

All website recovery work that I undertake will include :

  • a report of what actions I took,
  • an inventory of your site’s setup and security measures.

With luck, this’ll ensure that you don’t need a return visit!

Treating The Walking Wounded

Toy creature wrapped in medical tape.

(Photo: Nomadic Lass)

I may also be able to help you out with other problems you might face, such as :

  • creating editable documents from PDF files or image files,
  • fixing scanned images of old, damaged photos,
  • converting files created by old, obsolete software packages to a more usable format.

Please contact me with details of your problem, and I’ll let you know the feasibility of fixing it.

Design Project Rehab Clinic

Stuck with an incomplete or less-than-stellar design by some other designer? And they can’t or won’t finish the job? Let me help you out!

No matter what needs sorting out : 

chances are that I’ll at least be able to get your project back on the right track.