Media Mastering

Because Physical Media Isn’t Dead Yet!

Dorec-A-Belle media shot - Wallet + Vinyl-Effect CD

Sample vinyl-effect CD media, alongside printed card wallet produced for Dorec-A-Belle.

Sales of CDs, DVDs and other physical media may have fallen over the years, as more and more people get their content via the Internet. (Sometimes paying for it, sometimes not…)

But for some people, having content that they can hold in their hands still retains its charm. Particularly if it comes inside of an appealing package.

Just look at how sales of vinyl, long consigned to the dustbin of history by CDs, have surged in recent years!

The good news is that I can help you get your content mastered and replicated. You’ll enjoy the two decades of experience I’ve had working in the duplication industry.

Preparing Your Content For Media Mastering

I can guide you through the steps required to ensure that your content is ready for mastering.

If you’re making an audio CD, I can :

If you’re making a video DVD, I can :

If you need to view your content on a computer, I’ll test it on both PC and Mac systems, and inform you of any potential compatibility issues.

If you’re interested in putting your content onto USB media of any kind, i can :

  • show you examples of styles of USB drive — both regular and custom-designed,
  • tell you the storage capacity required to fit all of your content.

I can also create and master media to cover more than one of the above options, if you want to cover all bases :

  • Audio CD plus computer content.
  • Video DVD plus computer content.
  • Hybrid CD / DVD with separate PC and Mac applications plus shared content.

Just let me know what you’d like to do, and I’ll be happy to discuss feasibility.

Making Your Media Ready To Face The World

Want your CD, DVD or USB drive to stand out? There are many ways to achieve this, and they don’t have to be expensive!

Having artwork printed onto the front of your CD or DVD is a popular option. Depending on the kind of artwork, there are several ways to do this :

  • inkjet printing onto coated CD or DVD media,
  • offset printing onto plain silver CD or DVD media,
  • screen printing onto plain silver CD of DVD media,

Inkjet and offset printing work best for photographic backgrounds or lots of colour. Screen printing is more suitable for less complicated artwork that requires fewer colours.

Screen printing does have the advantage of offering extra possibilities, such as :

  • matt varnish coating,
  • clear gloss coating,
  • metallic paints.

For those who desire an even greater impact on their audience, there are other options available, such as :

  • gold-coated discs (retro-tastic!)
  • black discs (no, not that black!)
  • vinyl-effect discs (recreating the look of vinyl singles)

You can combine these with one of the printing methods described above. If this is of interest to you, please let me know so that I can check availability of the media you’re after.

USB drives don’t have to miss out on the action! There may not be as much space available as there is on a CD or DVD, but you can still get your logo or title printed onto the drive surface. Please get in touch for more information.

Getting Your Media Master Right First Time

From my years working in the duplication industry, I’ve learnt one important lesson. You should never leave anything to chance when putting content onto physical media!

Particularly if you’re going to replicate hundreds, or thousands, of copies!

To guard against any possibility of errors during the mastering process, I take the following 3 steps :

  1. I create a digital ‘master image’, and check it for any errors.
  2. I transfer the ‘master image’ onto physical media. I then check the physical master against the ‘master image’ to ensure 100% verification between both. This process will show up any media defects or equipment problems.
  3. Finally, I test the physical master, this time on completely separate equipment. This allows for checking of sound and image quality, and potential compatibility issues detected.

Whilst this process can be time-consuming, my experience has shown that it can save a lot of time and money later on!

Your Media Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to be confident that the physical master works. I will create a second master, using the same process described above, and send it to you to test yourself.

I want you to be totally happy with the physical master before we proceed to duplication.

Security Conscious

For some types of CD or DVD content, it may be possible to apply some form of copy protection to the final discs. If this is something that interests you, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to  discuss possible solutions with you.

[Note: any form of copy protection will only reduce the likelihood of copying — it will not remove it altogether.]

Bulk Delivery

Depending on the quantity required, you have two options for CD or DVD duplication :

  • duplication onto recordable or rewritable media,
  • full-scale production at a pressing plant.

I can discuss with you the best option, according to what you need. I will also assist you with any required paperwork. For instance, pressing plants will need proof of copyright for all the material on the physical master.

But Wait! There’s More!

Need help with your audio or video? Want the best presentation for your content? I am more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

Also, you might want to to consider a nice package to deliver it in, and perhaps documents and other printed parts to go with it.