Packaging Design

Are You A Packaging Newbie? Have No Fear!

Dorec-A-Belle packaging - back of wallet

Back of card wallet packaging designed for Dorec-A-Belle.

Whatever form your final product may take, you want it to make a good impressions when your customer receives it.

I can help you design and assemble packaging that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Packaging Design Made To Measure

First, I’ll take you through the options available, according to the parts or media that need to fit inside.

Then I’ll create a design to your specification and show you how it will look and operate.

Here are just a few of the options available to you :

  • card wallets,
  • presentation boxes or folders,
  • a variety of jewel cases with covers and booklets,
  • DVD and video cases with covers and booklets,
  • packing boxes,
  • envelopes and mailers,
  • labels and stickers,
  • barcodes or QR codes,
  • custom packaging solutions.

Finishing Touches

Do you want to make your packaging really stand out? Depending on the type of packaging, you might be able to take advantage of additional print effects such as :

  • matt lamination
  • clear gloss varnish
  • special spot colours (metallic, day-glo, etc.)
  • gold or silver foil finish

Don’t worry if none of those terms mean anything to you at the moment — just let me know which element of the design you’d like your customer’s attention drawn to, and I’ll suggest ways to achieve that.

Alternatively, you can go down the ‘less is more’ route, and have cut-outs in your packaging to show off the product inside. There are more possibilities than you might think!

But Wait! There’s More!

Don’t forget that I can help you with any presentation material that you want to include .

I can also handle any printed materials that you may wish to include, and arrange for your artwork to be applied to the surfaces of CDs, DVDs or USB sticks.