Video Editing & Conversion

Video Content For All Occasions

Still from video promo made for Kassandra Leigh Purcell, for her Kickstarter project.

Still from video promo I made for Kassandra Leigh Purcell, for her Kickstarter project.

“A picture can tell a thousand words”, as the old saying goes. Even more so for moving images! Just think of the possibilities :

  • music promos,
  • product demonstrations,
  • testimonials,
  • recording of live events such as sports matches or theatrical performances,
  • demo reels,
  • or just to record an important event, such as a wedding or birthday.

I can offer you a professional service that will turn your raw footage into a polished presentation.

Whatever Video Footage You’ve Got, I Can Work With It!

Got old recordings on VHS tape or DVD that you’d like to see the light of day again?

Shooting video on a camcorder, or your mobile phone?

No matter what form your current video content is in, I can make use of it. I have the necessary equipment to handle extraction of video from :

  • VHS tape,
  • DVDs,
  • PAL or NTSC formats.

For older recordings, I can fix typical problems such as :

  • grainy pictures,
  • distortion,
  • colour casts,
  • recording mistakes,
  • audio not in sync.

I can also help you transfer your footage from you camcorder or mobile phone, and convert it so that it’s ready for editing.

Making Your Video Shine

Once all the footage is ready, and we’ve agreed on how you’d like the finished product to look, I’ll get down to work.

First, I’ll prepare the footage :

  • trimming out unneeded footage and bloopers,
  • improving the audio where necessary,
  • dealing with issues like camera shake, overexposure or underexposure.

Then I’ll prepare any extra material :

  • titling,
  • subtitles (if required),
  • backgrounds and other graphic elements (if required),
  • still images, either supplied by yourself or licensed,
  • audio or music (if required).

Finally, I’ll produce a series of online evaluations for you to view and check, until you’re happy with the end result.

Subtitled Video

Still from work done for Sanofi Oncology where I added subtitles to a video testimonial

Delivering The (Video) Goods

Would you like your finished video delivered on DVD or other physical media? I can make arrangements for mastering, replication and delivery. I can also create printed material and packaging to go with the final product.

Looking to distribute your video online? I can convert it to the right formats for use with services such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Or you could include your video in an interactive presentation, along with text and still images.