Web Design

Web Design Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult Or Expensive!

Canterbury Executive Selection web design (desktop)

Web design created for Canterbury Executive Selection.

Do you want a new website that stands out from the crowd? Or do you have an existing website that could do with some sprucing up and modernising?

I can create a bespoke web design for you that :

  • won’t break the bank,
  • won’t crush your web host’s bandwidth, or eat up your data allowance,
  • will work across all browsers and all devices,
  • will be accessible to all your intended audience,
  • will be easy to maintain.

No More Partying Like It’s 1999!

Is your existing website starting to show its age? Would you like to give it a makeover? Does the thought of updating all the existing content make you break out in a sweat?

No matter what state your current website is in, I can do the heavy lifting work for you :

  • extracting all your existing content,
  • analysing it for dead links, broken code, etc.,
  • checking that the software that your site is running on is up-to-date, and not putting you or your site’s users at risk,
  • identifying content within your website that won’t work with mobile devices,
  • identifying content within your website that isn’t accessible to all users.

Often, a complete web design makeover may not even be necessary. I can put in measures to make your site more secure, and show you how to keep your site running problem-free.

Web Design For Mobile Devices

Canterbury Executive Selection web design (mobile)

Mobile version of Canterbury Executive Selection website.

More and more people are accessing the World Wide Web from their smartphone or tablet. If there’s something on your website that they can’t see or access, they most likely won’t be coming back!

I can build ‘responsive’ web designs that will adjust their appearance to fit the device they’re viewed on :

  • your pictures will adjust to fill the screen,
  • thumbnail galleries (small previews of your pictures) will adjust to use as much of the screen as possible,
  • text, along with asides or annotations, will adjust its formatting to fit the screen,
  • other elements of the web page, such as navigation menus, will adjust their size and position according to screen size.

I also aim to make sure that your website will work with all major web browsers, and still be viewable on older devices.

Web Design That Is Accessible By Everyone

Accessibility isn’t just a problem for those with physical impairments. Not everyone has perfect eyesight or hearing, and these tend to degrade over time as you get older anyway.

My aim with any web design project is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use. To do this, I will carry out the following :

  • make text comfortable to read, no matter what device you’re viewing it with,
  • provide options to make text larger,
  • add information to each page to ensure it can be ‘read’ to those with severe visual impairment,
  • where possible, provide visual cues wherever audio content appears,
  • label all form fields, and provide extra cues to help users enter information.

If you have more specific requirements, please get in touch, and I will be happy to assist you.

Putting The Web Design Pieces Together

I’ll take care of all the above details for you. All that you need to do is supply some text, pictures or other content.

I’ll convert all pictures, audio, and video to the correct formats for online use, and proofread all text.

If you need, I can also write extra copy text for you, and ensure that it’s easy to understand.

I’ll also make sure that your content is properly licensed, so that you don’t fall foul of copyright law.

Once I’ve assembled the web design, I’ll create an online, password-protected evaluation site. You can check everything for yourself, to ensure that you’re happy with the design.

Delivering The Web Design Goods

After evaluation and approval, I’ll make the necessary arrangements for your new website to go live :

  • get a domain name (if necessary),
  • get web hosting space and service agreement (if necessary),
  • upload the website to your hosting space,
  • check the domain name works,
  • set up email hosting / forwarding (if required),
  • do a full site check to ensure everything is working,
  • set up site administration and documentation, so that you know how to maintain your site.

You’ll receive the website documentation, and details of how to maintain your website. The documentation will detail the site’s configuration, software used and any customisations done. This will give you peace-of-mind in the event that you need to upgrade your website or move it to different web hosting.

But Wait! There’s More!

I can design any logos or graphics that you may require for your website. I can also edit any audio or video content you want to put online, and create presentations for you as well.